Braised Kale and Feta Tartines

Topped with feta, braised kale take center stage in this easy tartines for a hearty, fast and healthy meal.

Nourishing Hero: Kelly Anderson

You don't have to be Jamie Oliver to revolutionize school food! One California mom shares how she revamped the menu at her daughter's preschool and got the kids to eat their veggies.

Kelly’s “Sneaky” Veggie-Laden Marinara Sauce

A generous amount of veggies and fresh herbs yield a bright-tasting, family-friendly and versatile tomato sauce.

1/27/11 Nourishing News Roundup

This week: Yet another industry-driven health initiative. USDA fires top dog for organics. Where's the beef in Taco Bell? Organic milk overcomes climate change. Food waste and world hunger. Why it's so important to fund the new food safety law.

Oh, Meyer

Beloved for their irresistible aroma and bright, sweet flavor, Meyer lemons are a citrusy treasure. Makes us wish this was a scratch-'n'-sniff picture!

Meyer Lemon Ricotta Scones

Meyer lemon zest and juice add a bright note to these moist, tender scones.

Get a New Grain: Millet

Next up in our Get a New Grain Series ... millet. Quick-cooking, packed with nutrition and super-versatile, this grain is one to try.

Cuban-Style Millet con Pollo

Miami memories lead to this Cuban-inspired riff of arroz con pollo ... only made with whole grain millet in lieu of rice

1/20/11 Nourishing News Roundup

Wal-Mart's huge new healthy food initiative, Lia's nourishing diet for fibromyalgia, concerns over seafood sustainability certification programs, a Mediterranean diet can make you smart, and continued confusion over whole grains.

Nourishing Issues 2011: Will Nutrition Get Real?

It's well into 2011, and we're still awaiting the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Here are our predictions for what those guidelines will include.