Nourishing Resolutions: Plan Ahead in 4 Steps!

Simple yet powerful strategies can make the difference between ordering takeout and enjoying a nourishing home-cooked meal.

15-Minute Farrotto with Sage and Butternut Squash

Butternut squash and whole-grain risotto are hearty match made in heaven. Soaking the farro slashes the cooking time for a speedy healthy dinner.

How to Zip Kale

Cooking for a Cold

We've upped the ante on chicken soup as a cold cure ... you'll be amazed at how effective (not to mention mouth-watering) these flavors are!

Asian Chicken-Beef Noodle Soup

Classic chicken noodle soup gets an Asian spin with a spicy beef-infused broth and thin vermicelli noodles. It's a comforting soup for cold and flu season.

1/6/11 Nourishing News Roundup

Our favorite headlines for this week spotlight food safety, the benefits of mindful eating, the latest on bottled water, the true meaning of sustainable living and a chance to help Nourishing Hero Ruthi Solari win a $10,000 grant!

What’s Food Safety Really About?

Hot-button issues on our table for this year include food safety. The landmark Food Safety Modernization Act has been signed into law, but will it get the funding it needs to be effective?

Crispy Kale Chips

This four-ingredient recipe will turn kale haters into kale lovers!

Pear and Goat Cheese Sandwich with Toasted Walnuts

This fresh, light vegetarian sandwich made with whole grain bread, lightly dressed greens, goat cheese and fresh pear will make you look forward to lunch.

Fruit of the Day

Our monthlong series will focus on simple goals to nourish body, soul and planet. First up: 4 easy ways to incorporate more fruit into your diet.