Our Hanukkah Menu

The Festival of Lights celebration continues with our elegant menu for 4.

Root Veggie Latkes

A trio of root veggies, in lieu of traditional potato, make these latkes a touch sweet while exotic spices add a bit of heat.

A Hanukkah That Celebrates Friends as Family

Cheryl Sternman Rule celebrates Hanukkah with a lively gathering of 9 families to light candles, twirl dreidels and gobble lots of latkes.

Butternut and Beyond: A Winter Squash Primer

Check out our winter squash guide … to butternut and beyond.

Millet-Stuffed Kabocha Squash with Indian Spices

Millet soaks up flavors something fierce; in this case, the heady mix of Indian spices that pair so beautifully with Kabocha squash.

Time to Test Your Baking Powder and Baking Soda!

Holiday baking season is here, so it's a good time to double-check the effectiveness of your baking soda and baking powder. Alison wishes she had before making biscuits for Thanksgiving!

Our Sunday Night Light Menu!

Our light Sunday night menu is restorative way end to the long weekend. And, yes, the soup offers one last chance to use up that leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

Thanksgiving Extras: 5 Ways to Play with Leftovers

Have a fridge full of extra goodies from Thanksgiving? Here are 5 ways to put that culinary loot to tasty use, including our new recipe for a zippy enchilada casserole!

Turkey Enchilada Verde Casserole

Tuck leftover Thanksgiving turkey into this simple, zesty casserole.

Win a Free Copy of “100 Perfect Pairings”!

Bewildered by pairing wine and food? You'll want to enter for this week's giveaway: A free copy of Jill Hough's "100 Perfect Pairings: Small Plates to Enjoy with Wines You Love"!