Our Back-to-School Menu

Our easy back-to-school menu with homemade fish sticks, parsnip fries, slaw and a no-bake dessert is a delicious way to end a busy weekend.

Win a Free Copy of “Sustainable Sushi”!

Confused by what to order at your local sushi counter? Here's your chance to win Casson Trenor's smart guide, "Sustainable Sushi," so you can navigate the menu and make the most sustainable choices!

Apple Pie with Chinese Five Spice & Hazelnut Crumb Topping

This crumble-topped apple pie with a spicy cooked filling reminiscent of caramel apples is the stuff of happy autumn memories!

Toasted Nut Pastry Dough

Use our lightened, all-purpose pastry dough for sweet and savory pies!

Seventh Generation + Walmart

Last week, Lia posted a link to a New York Times article about Walmart's far-reaching sustainability efforts, including sourcing more local produce and developing a [...]

Body. Soul. Planet. Part 2

My soulful awakening around food happened during a year abroad in Europe. The reverberations, though, lasted decades.

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage

This is the dish that has become tradition for Christopher and me upon returning from the road. For us, any season of the year really, this bowl says welcome home.


If you’d like to show people the impact they have when they buy from a local farm or join a CSA versus sourcing food solely [...]

Wal-Mart’s Going Local

Wal-Mart has surprised and impressed many through their sustainable initiatives. Now, they're pledging to go local.

Nourishing Hero: Rebecca Katz

Rebecca Katz, author of "The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen," shares nourishing tips and recipes for cancer patients and the people who care for them.