Finding Childhood Memories in Chopped Liver

Alison gives her grandma's chopped liver recipe a healthy, upscale makeover. But the signature flavor that brings back happy childhood memories remains.

Chicken Pate with Brandy (Chopped Liver)

Old-school chopped liver -- "Jewish pate" -- gets an upscale makeover in this simple make-ahead recipe.

Nourish Yourself in the New Year: Consider a Fast

The topic of fasting may seem strange on a site dedicated to eating, but I'm going to argue that it's apropos. Fasting—even for a handful of hours—can help you recalibrate and enrich your awareness of how food affects you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Simple Udon Soup

This udon soup is simple, satisfying and comes together in about 20 minutes from broth to bowl, using any kind of greens, meat, poultry or fish you have.


Dashi is about the easiest broth you can imagine, with a delicate yet complex flavor. All it takes is three ingredients and 10 minutes to make.

All is Sparkling for the New Year

Champagne is the obvious go-to for New Years’ bubbles. But there are a slew of other options out there that are both much more affordable and surprisingly appealing. Here’s the low-down on three other sips.

Manchego and Nutmeg Gougeres

Gougeres are the classic nibble with Champagne. Here, we give them a Spanish spin with manchego cheese . . . try them with a glass of cava.

Feast without Frenzy: Put People to Work

For whatever reason, I often feel like I have to do everything myself when guests gather—plan, cook, serve, clean (alright, I admit, Christopher does that). But the truth is, involving others in the meal makes them feel even more welcome, more at home. Here are five strategies for putting people to work during the holidays in a way that will bring cheer to all.

Umbrichelli with Ginger-Chile Sauce

There's no denying, this pasta takes time; with three people it took close to an hour to roll out an entire batch. But if you've got a lot of hands you want to keep busy, it's a perfect dish. The rolling becomes relaxing as conversation blossoms around the table, turning out thick and chewy strands that get bathed in a simple, spicy sauce. If you're in a hurry, make the sauce from scratch and sub dried noodles for the homemade ones.

Green Holiday Entertaining

We turned once again to our Green Entertaining Expert, Nicole Aloni, this time for tips on how to green our holiday parties a bit. And boy did she deliver; from how to invite to what to imbibe, Nicole shares how to make a softer impact on the environment this season.