7 Super Sustainable Seafood Picks – 2009

As grateful as I am for the seafood guides out there, I wanted a short list of sustainable fish that were healthy and easy to understand so I could still choose wisely if I was caught without my pocket guide. So here they are: Nourish Network's Seven Super Sustainable Seafood Picks.

Gifts That Give

It’s the time of year we’re all putting together gift lists—a roasting pan for Aunt Dottie, iTunes bucks for your favorite nephew. But consider, too, gifts that give to others as we give to those we love. Here are some ideas . . .

Ruby-Studded Meringue Buttons

These little meringue buttons studded with cranberry and cherry "rubies" and slivered almonds are light as air. They make gorgeous gifts, and are great as little nibbles amidst the rich fare of the holidays.

Finding Satisfaction in Indulgence

For years, I rode the low-cal, low-fat bandwagon. Then, this year, I went to culinary school and a funny thing happened. I made a happy truce with fat.

Chocolate Chip-Candied Bacon Cookies

Chopped Candied Bacon adds little nuggets of savory sweetness to a classic cookie. I like the richness of dark chocolate chips, but semisweet or milk chocolate would be just as delicious. For a really down-home treat, use a mix of chocolate and peanut butter chips. This is a recipe that invites your innovation.

Candied Bacon

Can anything be more decadent than candied bacon? Looking like savory-sweet lollipops, these are wonderful crumbled into cookies, served over ice cream or as a nibble with cocktails.

Get a New Grain: Oats

With all the different types of oats out there it can get confusing. Is one superior to the other? Is one healthier than another? Here’s the simple scoop . . .

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal with Toasted Pecans

This breakfast is downright decadent; like a pumpkin pie in a bowl. Don't let its sumptuousness rob you of pleasure though, this dish is super-healthy too. It's loaded with fiber from the pumpkin and whole grain goodness from the oats.

Basic Steel Cut Oatmeal

This steel cut oatmeal recipe is a great make-ahead option for a healthy breakfast or a savory side dish.

Making Leftovers Lovable

Leftovers have an inherent challenge built into them. "Make me as inspiring as I was yesterday," they seem to say. Once you've done the reheat and the sandwich, though, then what? Here are three ways I've learned over the years to live up to leftovers' dare.