The 2013 State of the Kitchen Survey is Here

I’m conducting a never-been-done-before “State of the Kitchen” survey for 2013. Would you do me a huge favor? Would you please take just a few minutes to fill out these nine questions? To thank you for your time, I’m going to save you time with a free copy of my Make Ahead Meals e-book. PLUS, when you take the survey you’ll automatically be entered into a drawing to win a fabulous Nourish Network market bag (it really is the coolest bag out there).

Slow-Roasted Mechoui (Moroccan-Spiced Leg of Lamb)

I was lucky enough to nab a leg of organic, sustainably-raised lamb from Montana's Willow Spring Ranch at Shelton's Market for this and was rewarded with succulent, juicy meat spiked through with spice. To find a source for grass-fed lamb (and other meats) near you for your Easter meal, check out Eat Wild. Serve this with quinoa, mixed greens, sliced black olives, thick slices of orange, thinly sliced fennel and red onion tossed with the dressing from this salad here.

Make Corned Beef From Scratch … On Sunday

Lia's corned beef recipe was years in the making and worth the wait. Thanks to a pressure cooker, this St. Patrick's Day standby can be a last-minute feast.

Carrots with Coconut, Lime and Cashews

Carrots starring in a main dish? You bet! This vegan entree is inspired by Deborah Madison's terrific new book, "Vegetable Literacy."


Not only is this soup easy and flavorful and light and hearty all at the same time ... it's even better made the day before and reheated.

Roasted Asparagus with Poached Egg & Prosciutto

Roasted asparagus shines when topped with a luscious poached egg and crisp prosciutto in this easy spring dinner or brunch.

Crazy for Kohlrabi

I spent over a quarter century not having the fainest clue what kohlrabi was. Now, it's a staple in our house. Here's more on these little Sputniks that rocked my world ... how they taste, how to choose and store, and most of all what to do with them in the kitchen.

Beef and Barley Stew with Kohlrabi and Carrots

Chock-full of seasonal vegetables, this healthy beef and barley stew recipe nourishes body and soul an a chilly evening.

Simple Butter Lettuce Salad

I can't tell you how much I love this salad. Butter lettuce has a delicate, sweet crunch to it, and its crevices catch the nubbins in the vinaigrette perfectly. It's crazy simple, and it's the perfect accompaniment to Frittatas, Soft Scrambled Eggs, Simplest Roast Chicken, Crispy Curry Quinoa Cakes ... you name it.

A Holiday Cookie Exchange That Gives Back

Get some great recipes for your next holiday cookie exchange -- and learn how it can help your community, too!