Did you know that being more tuned in when you eat can help you maintain a comfortable weight, improve your health (and your eco-impact) and make you more content and connected too? Here’s how to be mindful around mealtime.

Hug on a Plate

Feeling lonely? According to new research, your favorite comfort food can help you feel a bit better. We asked Nourish Network's community to share their favorite comfort foods and got some surprising answers.

Promote Happy Meals

Bright wrappers, snappy slogans, ‘rewards’ for eating their stuff ... McDonald’s, KFC and the like do a great job making kids like their food. Here are lessons we've gleaned on how to successfully market "McMom."

The NEW My Nourish Mentor is LIVE!

The brand new My Nourish Mentor is approachable, affordable, entirely doable. Are you ready to make a lifelong change to the way you eat?

London Calling: British Fare Inspires an American Cook

Seeking inspiration for simple, seasonal fare? Look across the pond.

What Do You Have to Share?

We all have unique voices and experiences, and when we share them it may just spark an "a-ha" moment in others ... what's your unique message?

5 Lucky Foods for a Nourishing New Year!

Many foods traditionally gobbled for good luck on Jan. 1 will also get your year off to a nourishing start!

An Alternative Christmas Brunch

When I married my husband, he brought a love for all things Latino and a new tradition was born ... Christopher's Huevos Rancheros for Christmas brunch.

Life Seasons

Sometimes, the best gifts of all can't be wrapped.

Nourishing Hero: Ruthi Solari

Ruthi Solari, of SuperFood Drive is on a mission to revolutionize food banks by stocking them with donations of nourishing whole foods! She says it's as simple as making smarter choices.

A Hanukkah That Celebrates Friends as Family

Cheryl Sternman Rule celebrates Hanukkah with a lively gathering of 9 families to light candles, twirl dreidels and gobble lots of latkes.