Saffron Cardamom Coconut Macaroons

Saffron and green cardamom--"diva" spices--lend complexity to Monica Bhide's recipe for coconut macaroons.

Cardamom Gingersnap Cookies

Inspired by spice expert Monica Bhide, we give traditional gingersnaps a fresh update with the addition of sweet, pungent green cardamom.

Dark Molasses Cranberry Granola

This crunchy and colorful granola is simple to prepare and makes a great start to the day. Hmm, we like it at the end of the day, too, sprinkled over yogurt or ice cream!

Buffalo (Bison) Carbonnade

Use buffalo stew meat and dark ale to make this luscious and hearty Belgian-style braise.

Pea Soup with Spanish Chorizo & Sherry Vinegar

Warm up a chilly night with our Spanish-influenced pea soup, which you can make in a hurry in a pressure cooker, or take your time in a Dutch oven.

Pumpkin-Oat Bread with Golden Raisins and Walnuts

This not-too-sweet quick bread has a hearty character yet a tender crumb, so it's perfect for breakfast or a late-afternoon snack.

Root Veggie Latkes

A trio of root veggies, in lieu of traditional potato, make these latkes a touch sweet while exotic spices add a bit of heat.

Millet-Stuffed Kabocha Squash with Indian Spices

Millet soaks up flavors something fierce; in this case, the heady mix of Indian spices that pair so beautifully with Kabocha squash.

Turkey Enchilada Verde Casserole

Tuck leftover Thanksgiving turkey into this simple, zesty casserole.

Cream of Mushroom Soup with Chanterelles

Kick off your Thanksgiving feast--and set a relaxed pace--with a bowl of rich, creamy mushroom soup.