Pearled Barley Risotto with Peas, Pecorino & Prosciutto

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Pearled barley yields a creamy, toothsome risotto. And here’s your language lesson for the day: The Italian word for barley is orzo (not to be confused with the rice-shaped pasta of the same name), and risotto made with barley is called orzotto. Yes, we probably should call this orzotto, but most people will think of this as risotto. In any case, it’s delicious by any name. This recipe also would be tasty with pearled farro (labeled farro perlato) if you find it at gourmet markets, in which case, this would be farrotto.

Fusilli with Artichokes and Swiss Chard

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I love this dish. It's winter and spring and light and creamy all at the same time . . . the perfect pasta to feast on at the end of April.