Fumiko’s Gyoza

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Years back, my mother took a Chinese cooking course and learned this recipe. Our family, including my husband now, has loved it for years. Napa cabbage is terrific this time of year. A vegetarian version is simple to make by subbing the pork with black mushrooms and slivered carrots. And remember, practice makes perfect and imperfect still tastes wonderful, so have fun.

Candied Bacon

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Can anything be more decadent than candied bacon? Looking like savory-sweet lollipops, these are wonderful crumbled into cookies, served over ice cream or as a nibble with cocktails.

Big City Lamb Souvlaki

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When I lived on Corfu, souvlaki meant skewered cubes of grilled, marinated pork. But on a trip through Athens seeking out the best street food and mezedhes, we found this lamb version to be utterly addictive; moist and tender with just the right amount of spice.